Hi, I’m Fransisca. In this blog I mostly blog about the new WordPress.

My first introduction to WordPress was in 2006, when I was searching for an alternative to Blogger.com that I had previously used. I loved the idea of having the options between self-hosted your blog or have it hosted as a service. As someone who love tinkering with software, I had blogs on both the WP.org and the WP.com platforms. But my posts there were mostly personal thoughts on the ups and downs of my life, and so did the blogs on my blogroll. It was a wonderful moment in term of online personal sharing, where we would friendly commenting on each other blogs.

However, around 2016, I stopped blogging and shifting to social media platforms as the new medium to express my thoughts and opinions. But sadly, the highly intense-engagement nature of such platforms are often steered me toward silence rather than conversations as I was too uncomfortable to voice my opinions there. But slowly I realized that I can’t continuously dogged the marketplace of opinions as the zeitgeist of our time. I just need to find a suitable platform to restart, and join the right community. Apparently, I’m not alone in mulling over this thoughts. In the time of social media disenchantment, the call to go back to personal blogging has never been timely.

Coincidentally, WordPress itself is currently undergoing a major shift towards a more modular block-based web which aims to give users more control and easier path in building and managing their website.

So here’s my first steps in coming back to blogging, to an open web, and back to WordPress, with hope to find my voice again.