Easily test a Gutenberg pull request

I’ve just started contributing to WordPress in the last year. One division, called team in WP, that I am mostly interested in is the testing team. I’ve taken part in some of the FSE Outreach Program Call For Testings. It is a usability testing which focuses on the new WordPress Full Site Editing led by Anne McCarthy.

In one of the recent tests, I found a bug related to a Style Book, a newly released catalog of blocks and styles provided by a theme. The issue was that the Style Book and the blocks preview of the Whisper style variant from the Twenty Twenty-Three theme were all cut off. A fix was soon submitted by Juan Aldasoro to remove the border property from the body element on previews.

I’d really like to test whether the PR has successfully patched the bug, but since the PR is slated to be included in the next release of Gutenberg, I will then have to find a way to test the PR directly.

Thankfully, I found this quick instruction made by Paal Joachim Romdahl to do so.

Step-by-step to test a Gutenberg PR

  1. Find the PR you want to test
  2. Head over to the Checks tab
  3. Look for Build Gutenberg Plugin Zip at the sidebar
  4. Scroll down to find the Artifacts section and download the gutenberg-plugin file
  5. Unzip the file. You’ll find another zip file inside it named gutenberg.zip
  6. Upload that gutenberg.zip file to your test site
  7. Test it against the issue. See whether this special Gutenberg plugin patched the issue it is intended to solve

In this video, I run through the process as described above. I’m glad the PR works as expected. ?

Test a Gutenberg Pull Request.
Test a Gutenberg PR

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