Thank you for your contribution to the WordPress project

Three days before the WordPress 20th anniversary, I got an email from Matt Mullenweg, “Thank you for your contribution to the WordPress project.” I was amazed. In the letter, on behalf of the WordPress project team, he expressed the team’s appreciation for the contributors’ work. And as a token of appreciation, WordPress treated its contributors to WP 20th anniversary swag. From the list of swags options provided, I chose a little green notebook with a “W” emblem on it.

WordPress Emerald Notebook, Leuchtturm1917, and a black headphone on top of a computer notebook.

Two days ago the package arrived.

Today, I’m still in a state of wonderment, and deeply humbled by this recognition.

I have been a long-time WordPress user, but I only recently started contributing to WordPress. My first contribution was in July 2022 through the FSE Outreach Program, and since then I have been an active contributor to the program and the Core team as well. My contribution is not through coding, but rather by testing the Gutenberg plugin, and the WP core, especially the Editor feature, as some versions of Gutenberg are gradually being merged into the core.

I have delved into Gutenberg testing because I have found it to be the best way to learn the new WordPress Full Site Editing. Through it, you learn the ins and outs of the feature, what is expected, and what can be expected of it. You help shape Gutenberg to meet your needs. As one of the seasoned WordPress contributor, Birgit Pauli-Haack, said for ways a non-developer can contribute to WordPress:

Learn some lingo, creating and commenting on issues, search labels and work on finding solutions by commenting on design, and functionality [on GitHub]. You will also learn how to test upcoming changes in your browser.

I have found the contribution works to be quite demanding but oddly satisfying. This is mainly because the WordPress community is so welcoming and genuinely appreciates every contribution, which surely motivates you to give your best.

I see how curiosity, contribution and appreciation feedback make up a meaningful activity.

Once again, happy birthday WordPress, and here’s for another 20 years ahead. Thank you very much!

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